sexta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2013

Bandcamp Mania! #01

Hello, everyone! That's the second post of today, and now we decided to do something new. Named "Bandcamp Mania!", we'll compile nice, newcoming (or not exactly new) stuff that we meet across bandcamp in a single post, described by a shorter review. Startig today. We'll try to do it occasionally, at least 2 or 3 times a month, in a similar fashion of our mixtape tradition. I hope you enjoy it!

Sad Souls - Form in the Fog Beside (2013)

Nice Ambient-ish Drone with hints of Shoegaze. Recommended for fans of Flying Saucer Attack, Stars of the Lid, Hammock, Slowdive:


How Come The Constellations Shine - Mémoire (2013)

Great portuguese Post-Rock with a thick Shoegaze vein.


The Cherry Wave - Blush (EP) (2013):

Delightful scottish newgaze with a My Bloody Valentine accent.


Tennis System - Teenagers (2011):

A sunny Noise Pop which may appeal to Vandelles, Skywave, Bloody Knives fans:


Infraaudio - Sonhos Estranhos Para Pessoas Que Não Dormem (2013):

An awesome, fuzzy-and-psychedelic brazilian band. 

Bela Infanta - Apenas Cinco (2013):

Lush Dream Pop-ish Post-punk made by southern brazilians.


Suffering Astrid - Gale Inlay (2012):

Stellar Shoegaze meets Ambient with tiny drops of Dream Pop


Loop Garou - EP#1 (2009):

Lo-fi-esque Shoegaze which tastes somewhat like Lush.


R.M. Hendrix - Pink Skin (EP) (2012):

Highly textured Shoegaze inspired by JAMC, Galaxie 500, BJM and many more. Pure awesomeness!

Between The Cities Are Stars - White Red Black (2011):

Incandescent, brain-melting fuzz hailing from California


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