quinta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2013

Mixtape #15 - Stargazers never die

Hi, fellas!

Yeah, it didn't take so long for a new mixtape, did it? This time, we present a collection of 13 songs capturing the best oneiric and celestial Shoegaze out there. As usual, we made a amalgamation of classics, now represented by the forces of Slowdive, MBV, Robin Guthrie solo, with new guys looking for their place under the sun, such as Malory, Ummagma and the cosmic post-rockers of God is an Astronaut. Finally, there is also room for obscure gazers who were sadly forgotten amidst the stellar dust, as the likes of Once Dreamt and Swallow, both already featured in this page.

So, there you have a perfect description to escape the Earth's gravitational field and venture into the deep space domains, riding comets, sleeping in molecular clouds and gazing at the old light of untouchable stars. Just buckle up and enjoy the (eternal) trip! 


Ulrich Schnauss - A Long Way To Fall
Malory - Xirius Polar Station
Robin Guthrie - Momument
Swallow - Peekaboo (Dub)
Ummagma - Risky
Destroyalldreamers - Her Brother Played The Riot (pt 1)
Slowdive - Missing You
Harold Budd, Robin Guthrie, Elizabeth Fraser and Simon Raymonde - Eyes Are Mosaics
Teen Daze - Surface
múm - The Balld Of Broken Birdie
My Bloody Valentine - Instrumental #2
God is an Astronaut - Point Pleasant
Once Dreamt - Birds


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