quinta-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2013

Joaquim Barato

Joaquim Barato is the musical project headed by the portuguese João Caldeira Bispo, now living at the south american lands, more specifically at Peru. Being in charge of everything in JB, from the very first note to the final register, he released a couple of efforts so far: a full-length called Rivers, released by Patetico Records and a EP called April To July, released by his own record company, El Vals del Conejo, where both came out at 2012. His art can be classified as Folk with a Slowcore, Post Rock-ish accent peppered with bits of Dream Pop, crafting delicated atmospheres drowned in a dense emotional state, which gives every piece a dream-like flavour.

At the bottom of this page you can find the bandcamp links for both works, where you can see what I'm talking about. These are pieces of rare beauty that should be regarded and enjoyed with great care by everyone, so I really hope you enjoy it as deserved!  


enjoy! (bandcamp)

April To July EP: 

enjoy! (bandcamp)

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