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Ummagma is the child (metaphorically speaking, guys) of ukranian multi-instrumentalist Alexx Kretov and canadian singer Shauna McLarnon, with both sharing the composition duties. They met each other in Moscow around 2003, what resulted in a musical (and love) affair whose results can be tasted now, almost a decade later, in the flesh of not one, but two albums simultaneously released: The self-titled Ummagma and its sister Antigravity.

While the former work shows a more upbeat and sunny facet of the Ummagma, the latter reveals a hazier aura. Of course, they both share the same core, however the change in tones are noticiable at some songs very clearly. Whatever is your preference, they develop both works with the same capacity and quality, that being the most important after all. About their art itself, it's also very easy to see, listen and taste the multifaced world they crafted. Instead of following a single path and going deeper into it, they decided to go wider and incorporate a rich cosmos of musical influences, ranging from Acoustic Folk to Electronics (yeah, they live in pure harmony there) with a strong Dream Pop/Shoegaze-esque signature in a very natural way, as if it's just natural for them to gravitate (sic) in such spheres. Wherever they point their guitars and effects, if they decide to turn off the sonic lights or not, doesn't matter, the results are always great and can easily bring the listener to stellar dimensions.

Therefore, I drop their bandcamp link for their works right below. If you feed some fuzzy feelings for 4AD bands, you will feed for them, I assure. 

enjoy! (bandcamp)

enjoy! (bandcamp)

UPDATE 1.0:  At the beginning of this year, USA guitarist Jane Woodman made a remix from the song Lama, the opening track for Antigravity. And she did a great job, giving to it a more urban and gritty sound without desconstructing the song's natural beauty. The original version is localized @

while the remix can be tasted @

Simply enjoy! ;)


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