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Hello, everyone. It's been quite some time since the last post. Unfortunately, things were harsh around here lately, and I apologize for such delay. Apologies aside, let's talk about today's post, The UK band called Bleach (not to be confused with japaned Bleach - akaBleach03 - and USA Christian Hardcore Bleach). 

Bleach's origin is Ipswich, England, circa 1989. By the geographical location and year, you must have figured out what the band is all about. Yeah, fuzzy whirls of melted sonic loops. Although Bleach never received a tenth of attention that their contemporaries (Ride, Slowdive, Pale Saints and you know the rest of the list), they made an awesome stream of EPs and albums from 1990 to 1993  that remains obscure and unveiled until now, over 20 years after their releases and with the ever-ascending information technologies, social networks and stuff. 

Sadly, I only came across these guys a few months ago, after doing some research about the "Z-side" of Shoegaze (the more I dig, the more I find underrated and criminally forgotten noisy gems), and I'm blaming myself since then for taking so long to discover these guys. As I don't want to see anyone repeating my mistake, I'm dropping their work for download right below in this humble n' cozy virtual space. I hope you enjoy it too! ;)

1993  - Fast

get it!

1992 - Hard

get it!

1992 - Killing Time 

get it!

1990 - Eclipse EP (first 4 songs) + 1991 - Snag EP (last 3 songs):

get it!

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