quinta-feira, 9 de maio de 2013

The Great Artiste

The Great Artiste (TGA) is a french group whose name refers to a Boeing-based USA bomber who attacked pacific islands held from Japan during 1945 to 1948, and whose name was atributed due to bombardier Cpt. Kermit Beahan talents with bombing (and women, according to wikipedia...)

Well, the history class of today is over, so let's actually talk about the french group itself. The opening track is an obvious reference to the history related to its name, starting with the audio of a military operation and further developing into a deliciously fuzzed Shoegaze. The same tone is imprinted on the following 3 tracks that compose the EP At the Bridge of Dawn, released last March, taking inspiration on classic pre (or would it be proto?) Shoegaze acts like Spectrum and Spacemen 3, although they don't get stick to it and seem to dedicate themselves hardly to carve out their identity. The rythm here is always frantic, somewhat introspective, somehow suffocating and sometimes delirant, as if one's drowning in a flaming pool swirl of melted sounds. 

That's plain great that such great bands are popping up around the world lately. Therefore, just check out the link right below, containing TGA's bandcamp, where you can download the latest EP for the name-your-price scheme and spread the love for noise!

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