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Starfire Connective Sound

Starfire Connective Sound (SCS) is a single-man project headed by Al Schenkel, who lives at southern Brazil. More specifically, in the city if Criciúma, state of Santa Catarina, and one of the most dedicated noise lovers of these tropical lands. The first apparition of SCS in our poor world happened at mid 2011, with the self-titled EP, featuring 7 self-recorded, self-produced songs based on sonic whirls of feedback driven by programmed drums patterns and, sometimes, electronic beats. The follow-up, named The Sound Also Rises, came not much longer after, featuring an even richer sound than the st. 

At early 2012, the single Where Go The Boats was released, featuring two products of a collaboration between Mr. Schenkel and This Lonely Crowd, in which SCS ventures into new horizons without forgetting to get even deeper on the older ones. However, the project was haulted after mid 2012 due to a serious motorcycle accident, where Schenkel stayed several weeks hospitalized and endured a long recuperation. But he's back on the field now, releasing a 3-track EP called That Melancholy, which consists on songs he started penning while still at the hospital, and will not be featured in the debut full-length that's going to be released soon. It's possible to notice the sonic horizons of SCS expanded and grew  even richer by now, as in the dense and dark-than-deepest sea Shoegaze of Self-induced Heaven, the post-modern Noise of That Melancholy, featuring spoken world poem as its lyrics, and the Drone-ish A Morte Fragmentada, the first SCS' title in portuguese. Those familiar with Sobre a Máquina and Bemônio, two headliners of current brazilian tortuous music, will be readily pleased when listening to this track, I assure you. 

Right below, you can have a taste of Schenkel amazing work. The brand new EP is featured at soundcloud and each song can be purchased freely, while the other releases can be streamed and purchased freely too from SCS' bandcamp. I hope you enjoy it! ;)

2013 - That Melancholy: 

2012 - Where Go The Boats (single):

get it! (bandcamp)

2011 - The Sound Also Rises (EP): 

get it! (bandcamp)

2011 - Starfire Connective Sound (EP):

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