quinta-feira, 23 de maio de 2013

Stella Luna

Still working on the "underrated and forgotten gems of the Shoegaze realms", series there we have Stella Luna. I'm wondering why I took so long to talk about them in this space, and why I took soooo long (from 2008 to early 2013) to re-listen to their magnificient work, but that's not the point here. The point is: that's one of the most enchanting and mesmerizing albums of Shoegaze and Dream Pop microcosmos released in the last decade.

Its solo work is called Stargazer (simple but perfect name), released in 2002, when everything Shoegaze-y seemed to be long forgotten, and it contains only 4 songs totalizing less than half an hour of dream-inducing melodies crushed beneath layer and layers and layers of incandescent feedback. The cover album couldn't be more precise about describing the band's music: everything here is blurry, distorted, dark and amorphous, however it's still possible to catch some light points here and there, as if they're swerving in a whirl of thick gloominess. However, the cover and album's name choice is the only thing precise in Stargazer. Everything else seem to be slightly off-paced, laid back, delirant and untouchable, as if it was shifted with doppler effect, early sunday hangover or some kind of acid bad trip in a swerving spaceship. After this work, they've just disappeared from everyone's line of sight and nobody has a single clue of what the band members are doing lately, or if they're still alive. Such a shame, isn't it? It only fuel the enigma surrounding them, much like the post-Loveless MBV era in the mid '90 or the LSD and the Search for God follow-up of the also stellar debut, self-titled EP, as a more recent analogy.

I think there's no need to say anything else but to get it in the link right below, isn't it? 

get it!

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