domingo, 14 de julho de 2013

Bright Channel

Bright Channel (BC) is the sonic child of Jeff Suther and Shannon Stein born in the year of 1999, and was one of the responsibles of keeping the flame of our beloved noise alive in USA lands during the early-mid '00, back when almost all classic bands have disbanded or seemed long forgotten by everybody. They released a demo in 2003 before a debut album, the self-titled one posted right below in late 2004 and the 2006's Self-Propelled. However the band unfortunately wouldn't last longer, as they announced they were entering in an indefinite hiatus in August 2007. Although there seems to be no news about a reuning from these guys or a comeback album, they had already written their name in the Shoegaze history with their mesmerizing maiden record. BC crafts rich sonic textures fueled by melted guitar lines bleed delirant yet sweet melodies. Do you imagine the underrated cult Bailter Space having a baby with Slowdive in Just For A Day phase? if so, now you have a dim idea of them. The usual atmosphere of the st album is hazy, however, every little bit of noise that constitute its tapestry is easily noticable. Maybe Steve Albini engineering and mixing has something to do with it, just maybe...

BC is surely one of the most underrated acts that came up in the so-called 2nd generation of Shoegaze (or the third, or maybe the Nugaze generation, who knows?) without a shadow of a doubt. It should explain why it's being featured here in these pages and why should all of you listen this underappreciated gem. Just plug the phones and enjoy!

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