quarta-feira, 3 de julho de 2013


"Mechanimal, formed in 2011 in Athens Greece, in the midst of an unprecedented economic and social decline. Spawned out like a “living creature with wires as veins” pulsating with abrasive vocals into a murky terrain of quirky sounds that are painted on with monophonic synth arps, delays and distortion. Mechanimal persist on finding beauty and hope in the unforgiving urban terrain not by distance but by submergence, a living, breathing new kind of music. Serious synths. Fuzzy drones. Spoken word. Mechanimal is alive."

...or pretty much like this. Mechanimal was founded by musical producer Giannis Papaioannou with company of Freddie F. and guitarist Tassos Nikogiannis and not long after its birth, the first effort was already done. Due to the great repercussion it had, it was re-issued worldwidely by Inner Ear Records and Rough Trade Distribution on June 15th. Their music can be compared to some Shoegaze-y Post Punk-meeting-Electronics such as The KVB, HTKR in some aspects, however, the Electronic beats is ahead of everything. Trip-Hop and IDM influences are visible (or, better, listenable) too, although Mechanimal vibes are usually darker than the usual of these genres. Each song that composes the self-titled album is a great portrait of the urban landscapes of the post-modern world and its inherent chaos, nihilism, unfulfilled desires and the economic decadence surrounding this scenario. Although there are many people working with this proposal, I assure you that most of them are not able to reproduce these portraits in shape of music as naturally and accurately as Mechanimal does.

If you're still skeptical about Mechanimal great potential, just check the bandcamp and soundcloud links right below. There you can free-stream the album or purchase it if you wish to. I hope you enjoy it!


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