terça-feira, 23 de julho de 2013


Ladies and gents, this is the our blog's first anniversary! And to celebrate this special day, we offer you one of the most amazing projects we came across this semester, really.

Robedoor is about the LA-based duo of Alex and Britt aka Notnotfun, whose discogs profile counts 66 releases and 12 appearances from 2005 up to now. That means excess of creativity or TDAH? I can't tell, but I sure can tell they're one of the greatest Drone assembles I came across in a long long time! Sonically, they craft whirling walls of fuzz driven by tribal/ritualistic beats, mantra-like vocals, psychotropic-induced daytime hallucinations. Now, imagine these scenarii packed and shrouded in darker-than-black atmospheres that capture the post-urban desolation we all live and will sink deeper and deeper in the future to come. While they can be compared to the noisy juggernauts such as Sunn o))), Earth, Nadja, Skullfluwer, Godflesh, Fudge Tunnel and many others, they also share a great identification with the New Weird America scene that revelead us names like Wet Hair, Religious Knives and Pocahaunted, with whom they collaborated with a split a few years ago. Besides, their  music can be easily appreciated by fans of colder-than-ice acts as The Soft Moon, The KVB, HTKR, Tropic Of Cancer and many other gloomy modernities that make our joy (sic) through the bleakness we're all diving in our day-after-day lives...

No need to talk more, right? Just check the soundcloud right below in case you wish a preview of their latest work, Primal Sphere, or you're just too eager for a test-drive, check the link at the bottom which contains the same album. As always, I hope you enjoy it! ;)

get it!

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