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The Emerald Down

The Emerald Down (TED) saw the first light of the world circa 1997 originally in Olympia, but moving to Ohio not too long after its birth, whose activities endured until 2003. Despite the quite short story, the band left a very interesting legacy that remains unveiled even to the most avid Shoegaze fans 10 years after their breakup. The reason? That's a total mistery for me since the group had all elements that would make any gazer smile at the end of the day. Layers over layers of shimmering and swirling guitars? Check. Ethereal female vocals whispering almost uninteligible lyrics (IF they have any lyrics at all)? Check. Opaque, hazy and stellar sonic atmospheres? check too! As you must have figured out, Slowdive's first EPs and first album is probably the most evident influence of this four-piece, but there's room for some Cocteau Twins and their characteristic angelic melodies and a bit of Curve too, as it can be noticed from the occasional electronic faster-paced moments. 

As you can imagine, the early '00 wasn't a gentle period for Shoegaze and Dream Pop and the band released only two works, the Scream The Sound full-length (2001) and Aquarium EP (2002 or 2003) before the final call. Although they weren't the most original ever or didn't change the paths of music as their influences did, they've put out great works that shouldn't be buried into the deepest realms of the oblivion as they are up to the moment. You can have a taste of both works by accessing the link right below. Enjoy!

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