quarta-feira, 10 de julho de 2013


STAR (all caps) is the name of a project headed by Scott Cortez, the mind behind fantastic acts as Astrobrite and lovesliescrushing along Chicago-based Shannon Roberts in charge of vocals and guitars and Theodore Beck taking care of percussion and guitars. We all know Cortez love for fuzz and surreal sonic atmospherics, but STAR approach is quite different. It's more straightforward and follows more linear structures than his other projects, however, it really does not imply a decrease of quality. The songs are usually short, about 2:30-3:00 long, and very easy-listening, but the love for fuzz and delirant sonic waves are still there, rumbling and reverberating, fueling each of the twelve songs that compose their single release so far, the 2007 Devastator. It sounds somewhere like a Pavement demo clashed with Pixies' Surfer Rosa, My Bloody Valentine best poppy moments of Loveless and the brainmelting ear-candy noise typical from Astrobrite

While it may not be a really spetacular record, it's sadly overlooked in the Shoegaze cosmic sphere. Devastator is surely deserveful of great regard by any gazer in the Universe, that's why I'm dropping a lossless version of this wonderful album right below to correct this mistake. I hope you enjoy it!

get it!

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