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Bethany Curve

Born by the hands of Richard Millang, Ray Lake and Chris Preston and David Mac Wha in California at about 1994, Bethany Curve raised when most of the first-generation Shoegaze-and-related bands started to fade out in the cosmic dust. They released a great stream of albums from 1996 to 2003, being Skies a Crossed Sky, the one right below, the first of them (and the best of them, imo). You will find here a first-class Shoegaze with a heavy Ambient-Drone accent, which relates them almost immediatly with acts such as Flying Saucer Attack at the most spacey and stellar moments, Slowdive at their most dreamy and foggy apex and, somewhat surprisingly, with Joy Division or Jesus And Mary Chain when they start to make gloomy-drenched melodies (and they do it very very well, kids!). Their later work steps away a bit from the Ambient noisy paranoia and gets more psychedelic, not seldom invoking memories from early Pink Floyd, Spacemen 3, Loop and the likes (actually, you can hear their inspirations already in the SACS work, but still shy and not fully developed).  

Unfortunately they disappeared from the middle of the '00 but rumors (those bitches!), say they're recording and preparing a new album to be released soon. They're true only 10% of the time, and I really hope that's the case. Bethany Curve is a sadly overlooked band that deserved (and still do!) much much attention and recognition, for the bravery of making such albums at a moment when most of their noisemates were disappearing from the event horizon  and for the sake of the lush, cosmic beauty of their albums itself. It may be a bit too late to give good credits to them, but better late than never, huh?

Enjoy! (new link)

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