domingo, 16 de setembro de 2012

Le Corbeau

Le Corbeau was born at 2006, by the hands of Øysten (I had to search for the key combination of this character Ø) Sandsdalen, who is also in charg of the guitars in the Serena Maneesh ensemble. Although it's easy to identify many similarities with them and their norwich mates, Maribel, it's also easy to idenfity that his crow follows other directions. Of course you'll hear a lot of screaming distorted guitars and taste a hazy atmosphere, but Mr. Sandsdalen includes many elements you won't find in these bands, if ever in any Shoegaze band. Sax, piano, jazzy percussion and a film-noir soundtrack's inspiration bring his works to a whole new dimension, feeling somewhat like a My Bloody Valentine or a Sonic Youth work trapped into a '50-fashioned Jazz pub and trying to play like this.  

Although it may not appeal to the most purist ones, he did a hell of a great work in his two albums, the self-titled from 2008 and Evening Chill/Montreal of the Mind, 2009, that's why both are featured in this little space and deserveful of have its name spread out. ;)

enjoy! (new link)

enjoy! (new link)

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