segunda-feira, 10 de setembro de 2012


Lightfoils is a 4-piece ensamble from the city of Chicago, USA, making music since 2010 or around it. Signed with the nice Saint Marie Records, a label dedicated to Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Lo-fi and all that stuff we all know and love, they released their first effort at about 6 months ago, a self-titled 4-song EP. What you can listen and taste in its 17 minutes of duration is a 1st class mix of Shoegaze, Dream Pop and Alternative Rock, making the names of Lush, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine with some hints of Ride/Slowdive come to our mind. As a more modern reference, think about Soren Well. They share a similar vibe, although they don't sound exactly the same (and that's what matters, huh?). Their songs are gentle and soft but effervescent and cathartic at the core. 

At overall, a delicious EP that will make you thirsty for at least four more songs. Lightfoils are a newborn talent that gives a fresh flavour to an already scintillating (and growing) scenario of good Shoegazer bands. So, I give you the bandcamp link, where you can free-stream all the four songs and get it from a really friendly price. 

Enjoy! (bandcamp)

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