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Once Dreamt

It's very hard to find information about this band, Once Dreamt, except for the part two of the members are (or better, were) Windy Weber and Carl Hultgren from the Windy & Carl ensemble, dedicated to Drone and Ambient soundscapes. Another member, Randall Nieman, is part of Füxa. Brenda Markovich, the remaining member, didn't create or become part of any band or musical project as far as the google says.

About Once Dreamt, they were the starting point for the Ambient Michigan's scene, and released only this work, titled Drifting, at 1995. As they had little to no impact at all at the already deceased Shoegaze-and-so-forth scene (and due to the fact this album was released only in vinyl format), they remain largley unknown even with the facilities of the www. Their sound isn't anything (sic) that wasn't made before, but there are only a few CDs in the world that brings such peace of mind as this album. I came across it at about 2009 but only at these days I "found" it rotting on my HD and decided to give a listen, and was mesmerized. How could I forget them for SO long?! that's what I kept repeating to myself with an angry voice and stuff.

About the music itself, it's a transcendental and foggy mix of Shoegaze and Ambient, multi-textured, soothing and stellar. It's easy to recall Slowdive seminal Soulvaki Space Station when listening to this, or even some works by Harold Budd (mainly that work he made with the Cocteau people), however Once Dreamt has a more experimental approach, as they seem to jams instead of making songs in its, say, orthodox sense.

At overall, a magnific album (or an EP, hard to classify it, but I stick with the definition of album as it's 40-minute length) that will appeal a lot for anyone into hazy sheets of white noise or interestellar travels.

get it! (new link)

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  1. I bought this record when it came out. KXLU in Los Angeles hipped me to it. Such a sweet soothing balm for my head back then ('95). I was looking for a digital version online, couldn't find one (found your post), so I had to dig it up and digitize myself from my vinyl stockpile. It was buried too....