domingo, 2 de setembro de 2012

The Vandelles

Hailing from Brooklyn, NYC, The Vandelles is around for about 5 years or a bit more dedicating themselves to an awesome mix of early Shoegaze, with emphasis on the fuzzy tornado of Jesus And Mary Chain @ Psychocandy's era with Surf Rock and Velvet Underground-esque tones, flavors and patterns. The final product is a bursting star of noisy and groovy melodies very much in the vein of the new flaming generation bands such as Raveonettes, Gliss and their Brooklyn mates Vivian Girls (although the Vivian's sounds more "beachy" and "clearer", if you know what I mean...). 

With a great full-lengths under their sleeve, called Del Black Aloha, and an EP (Summer Sling), they've just come back with Strange Girls Don't Cry, released a few days ago. This time they made a more diverse work, washing away their noise anger a little bit and focusing more on the groove and laid back/sunset-esque atmospheres. Therefore, that's a great album for a walk on the park or on a beach's sidewalk at late afternoon. After all, The Vandelles are one of many remarkable examples of all the power this new generation of gazers have, and there you have a link for their brand new work right below, which is free-streamable at their bandcamp and can be purchased at a low price. ;) 

enjoy! (bandcamp)

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