quarta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2013


Hexagrams consists of the León, Mexico-based project headed by 20 year-old Kevin Cervera, whose first material came out earlier this year and first concerts started to happen just a couple of months ago. However, do not think they're just beginners trying to understand what to do with their instruments. They already show great maturity and capacity to craft beautiful and top-quality material. There are only two songs available, Idiomatic and Ghost, both powerful and touching, combining the best of modern Dream Pop and Nugaze in the vein of DIIV, The Radip Dept., No Joy with a dark touch that relates them to the Post Punk as the likes of Be Forest, Wild Nothing, Blouse and the also mexican Everything Is Falling Apart.

I'll drop a bandcamp link for both Hexagrams songs that were revelated to the world up to the moment. This time, I won't say I hope you enjoy it because I'm more than sure you will. ;)

update: Just three days after this post, Hexagrams put an EP available in their bandcamp. However, just yesterday I became aware of it, delayed and doppler-effected as I usually am. If you enjoyed the two singles from them, you'll not be disappointed in any way, as it's in the same level if not even better. Enjoy! ;)




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