domingo, 4 de agosto de 2013

Mixtape #20 - How To Seek Love

Hello, my dear friends!

July, 23 was loverswhoareseekers first anniversary, and since then I've been preparing a special edition mixtape to celebrate it. I know, I know, there's been two weeks since then and I'm late in a Kevin Shields-style, but better late than never, as the old people usually say (the new MBV album is a great example of this). Ok, let's talk about the mixtape itself. It's a double-edition one, consisting of 30 songs instead of the traditional 13-16 compilation we usually do. However, we didn't escape the tradition of mixing classic stuff (represented by Slowdive, Swallow, Moose, Secret Shine) with forgotten but precious rarities (as the 4AD's Insides, the japanese "madchesters" of Flipper's Guitar, the grungy Nudeswirl, the psychedelic fuzzy stoners of Sun Dial and the woozy The Lassie Foundation), brazilian goods (as the classic Low Dream, who are reuniting to some live concerts, beside the amazing newcomers of The Sorry Shop). Talking about newcomers, they are exactly the focus here. Why? Just take a look around (figuretively, of course), and you'll notice tons of great artists appearing every day. Although the magic of the late '80-early '90 may never be recovered in its truest sense, they honour those times with great quality and some innovation that gives a fresh bright to its already incandescent sound. I selected Screen Vinyl Image, Wild Nothing, Airling, Fleeting Joys, No Joy, Yuck, Sounds Of Sputnik, among many others, to represent this front.

I know that, by now, you all must be drooling to give it a listen. The link for the collection can be found right below, as well as the full tracklist of the artists and songs featured in this cherished collection we prepared. That's it, folks. I hope you enjoy it, and never forget to seek love and gaze at your shoes! ;)
ps: A great thanks goes to Louise Trehy, for gently conceding me the song Heavenly, from the time she was still with Swallow. :)

get it! - full tracklist

get it! - mixtape

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