quinta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2013


Amusement is probably the most obscure outfit featured here in this page until this moment. Little information I've foudn about it, only that it was an one-man project headed by irish James Eadie who released only one album, the 1996 And After Optmism, featuring plain blue cover with the name "Amusement" written in golden letters at the left top corner of it. This extremly modest description and package, however, isn't consisting at all with the greatness of its sonic quality. This work is an explosive mix of Shoegaze with Noise Rock and lo-fi which brings memories of Bailter Space, Sonic Youth, Drop Nineteens, Swirlies, Pavement, etc. All 14 tracks are deliciously fuzzy, oozy and swirly as f*ck, and I'm sure you'll all wonder how did a single person did such amazing music by himself and still not get a single credit for it? I'm aware the musical (and life as a whole) scenario isn't fair at all, but this case of under-appreciation and obscurity is almost criminal. So, let's change this dark scenario by plugging the headphones and admiring this noisy bliss the way it deserves, I'm sure you'll all enjoy it with a smile over your eardrums (sic). ;)

ps: A big thanks to William Kidd for showing me this stellar rarity. ;)

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