sexta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2013


Westkrust is a five-piece swedish assemble that started activities in 2010 and has released a few singles and one EP so far. Although they have just a handful of music in the pack, I can easly put them in the "nicest brand new bands to check out in the near future, very soon" tag (yes, I like really long tags). They're dedicated to a modern Dream Pop, which is (kinda) like a mix between My Bloody Valentine classics with Dream Pop and Surf Rock elements, thus creating a flowing, evolving sound which is just plain perfect for walks in the park on sunny spring afternoons, or just staring platonically to the sea as the hours passes by in a lazy weekend. For fans of DIIV, Beach Fossils, Minks, Young Prisms and Wild Nothing, it's surely your cup of tea! You can take a listen to all their work directly in the bandcamp links right below. I hope you enjoy it! ;)

Summer 3D / Weekends (2013):


Junk (EP) (2012):


Touch (single) (2012):


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