sexta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2013


Heavïness is a quite mysterious act hailing from Stockolm, Sweden, whose discography consists of a single full-length, self-titled, released at 2006. If you're used to read this blog, you should know, by now, that we really enjoy posting and writing about very obscure and underrated/underappreciated Shoegaze-related acts, so that's a surprise that I still haven't written about this band before, or even featured one of their songs in a mixtape until now, early August 2013. Heavïness music's is somewhat like My Bloody Valentine thrown in a  lo-fi blender together with The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa, Pale Saints and Fleeting Joys. This lo-fi filter, by the way, gives this album a charming and fresh quality that is rare to be found in most shoegazer assembles around the Earth.

To put it simple, it's a highly pleasant album to enjoy in lazy and blurry afternoons. Such a shame it's been passing right under the radar for so many years. However, I read at the band's facebook they're recording new material. That's news from 2012, but who knows? If MBV broke the silence after over 21 years, everything is possible now. Let's wait to see what happens... for now, let's enjoy the great self-titled!

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