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Lycia, for those who were in coma in the last couple of decades, is one of the most influential Darkwave/Ethereal bands, if not the one. It was funded at the burning lands of Arizona, USA, in 1988 as a solo project of Mike VanPortfleet. Back then, Lycia followed a somewhat different sonic style, a lo-fi-esque Dream Pop-meets-Post Punk reminescent of the early days of Cocteau Twins and 4AD bands of the early-mid '80. But was not until the first full-length, the 1991's Ionia, that the band signed with the legendary label Projekt, the main reference when it comes to Ethereal, Dream Pop, Darkwave and related. After that, Lycia joined forces with David Galas (who left the band circa 1995) and vocalist Tara Vanflower, developing their "classical" sound which made them a cult reference among the dark siders of this planet thanks to amazing works like the double-album The Burning Circle And Then Dust (1995), Cold (1996) and Estrella (1998). As of 2003, the band entered in a hiatus that wasn't broken until 2010, with the release of Fifth Sun. Not too long after this album, Lycia re-surfaced again announcing a new full-length, Quiet Moments, to be released later in August. Those who enjoy their classical stuff will surely be pleased with this one, as every element that made Lycia so famous and beloved are there: hazy, pagan,  deep dark atmospheres, swirling dream-like melodies, the ethereally bittersweet vocals of Mrs. Vanflower... a perfect album to be appreciated in a mountain house, or somewhere in the woods, where you can communicate with the nature and vice-versa.

For those who are still unaware of Lycia's work, that's the ideal chance to dive in their blurry microcosmos. If you're into Cocteau Twins, Love Spirals Downwards, lovesliescrushing, Dead Can Dance, or Post Punk, Gothic Rock and Folk as a whole, there's no way you can go wrong with this album that I really hope you all enjoy the way it deserves. ;)

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