quinta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2013

The History Of Colour TV

"Berlin’s the History of Colour TV sounds more like you’re living inside the white static that happens when that TV fails. These are unabashedly dramatic, sweeping rock songs, full of swelling, squalling keyboards and crunching guitars. The vocals are hissy and distant, buried in all these sonic textures. It can be an effective mix." - an except from popmatters.

This summarizes very well the sonic sphere of The History Of Colour TV (THOCT). They're composed of USA and UK homo sapiens whose basis are currently in Berlin, Germany and dedicate themselves into crafting an explosive, multi-textured amalgamation of sugarcoated melodies muddied in overblown delirant highly inspired by names as Astrobrite, Bloody Knives and The Stargaze Lilies besides all the classic references (MBV being in the top list, of course). While this is not exactly news, their capacities of combining the Noise Pop, Shoegaze and Industrial realms are very impressive for a somewhat beginner band, being not only suited to melt yer brains but as a positive portrait of post-modern world we're all hopelessly drowned. So, just let yourselves sink deeper and deeper into these sheets of swirling noisewaves and enjoy the trip!

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