domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013

Purple Heart Parade

Purple Heart Parade, or simply PHP (not to be confused with the programming language, guys) is a very young five-piece act to hail from Manchester, UK. Yes, very young, since the group's birth was October 18th 2012, according to the facebook profile of theirs. Since then, they've been making some gigs, appeared as a headline of Glasgow Psych Fest, an gaining great attention from those who has a thing for psychedelia and fuzz, media or public. It's not hard to understand why, as they're highly dedicated to the combination of '60 multi-coloured sonic palette with the brain-melting fuzz of the late '80-early '90 Shoegaze, invoking the best moments of names such as the classic Spacemen 3, BJM, early Pink Floyd, early Verve, as well as many lysergic newcomers, e.g. The Underground Youth, The Black Angels, The KVB and many more. So far, they've only released a couple of songs, The Room and Lies and Kites, both very exciting pieces capable of showing the explosive power of PHP and capable of making us eager for more material from them as soon as possible. You can free-stream these songs right below, through their soundcloud page, as well as free-download The Room. As well as my previoust post (Trementina), that's a band to keep an eye on, because I'm sure they'll deliver mesmerizing material in the very near future.

As I always say, enjoy!

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